Study Tour 2010 – SDA Bocconi

Study Tour 2010 – SDA Bocconi

November 27 – December 4, 2010
Japan: champions of Lean Production

The Study Tour allows to directly experience through in-company visits the most advanced Japanese management practices in the field of Operations and Technology Management.

Company visits from the 2010 Study Tour will mainly focus on the automotive and household appliances sectors, as the most relevant ones in the application of Lean Management principles.

A team of SDA Bocconi School of Management Professors will guide the group through the tour.

The Study Tour is targeted both to professionals and managers operating in all sectors, both in manufacturing and service companies, where Lean Thinking principles could be applied, fully or to a certain extent, bringing substantial improvements.

Participation fee
€ 5.800,00 + VAT (if required)
For AMSDA (SDA Bocconi Alumni Master Association) members, SDA Bocconi MBA students, SDA Bocconi Operations and Technology Club members, the participation fee is € 4.800,00 + VAT (if required).

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